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FibroMyalgia Support - Ottawa West

Meeting details

FibroMyalgia Support - Ottawa West was for many years the only "just support" group for people with FM in the Ottawa area.

When we started this support group in Kanata in the spring of 1995, we decided the focus would be on educating ourselves and others, and learning to live the best life that we can with FM, until a cure is found. "Fibromyalgia is not something we would ever choose to have, but if we have it, we must reach a point where we accept the condition as part of ourselves." - Mark J. Pellegrino, M.D., Inside Fibromyalgia, p.213.

We meet "in person" in the upstairs meeting room, Loblaws College Square, Baseline & Woodroffe (across from Baseline Station).

Meeting details

The meetings are open to any interested individuals. There are no dues or fees, but a donation of a loonie or twonie is requested to help with costs.

Subscribe to FMSOW - FM Support - online support group

This is a safe, private support group online, which comes to you via email. When you reply to the list, your one message is sent out to everyone on the list by email.

The list, which you can sign up for by sending an email via the link below, offers many features, such as a "No email" setting (messages go to the web, not your mailbox), and a digest option (one email every 25 messages). Please note that this is a busy list, and there is a very large amount of email.

This is a "sharing and caring" list - everyone is welcome! You must reply to the message you'll receive after your initial signup, in order to be activated for the list. I hope you'll join us!

Please be aware that "mailing lists" are a special way of communicating with a group of people all at once. Any message sent to the group is then sent out to all members on the list. What appear to be messages to "someone else" may actually contain information pertinent to you.

There is often much "chatter" and fun exchanged - this is a mechanism for dealing with this illness. For many people, finding the group means finding, for the first time, people who understand and accept them _with_ this illness. That means so much to many of the members. :)

If the email is too much, you can opt to just get a digest (one big email every 25 messages, with a summary of subject lines at the top), or just read the messages on the web (safe, private, members only area).


Note from Sheila: I'm delighted to report that part of our initiative of educating others, I was interviewed for an article in Maclean's Magazine March 15/99 issue, and by Chatelaine Magazine for an article that appeared in April/2001. Both writers found me through this web site. (You may email for more information.) In addition, I appeared on CHRO's Breakfast at the NewRO, and on A-Channel at Noon.

Other groups: For information on other support groups, please see the Support Groups listings on our Links page

Fibromyalgia Support - Ottawa West (FMS-OW)
Box 26076 - 72 Robertson Road, Nepean, ONT K2H 9R6
Tel: (613) 721-2082
Fax: (613) 596-1341
Email Coordinator S.C. Alder at: fmsow@ctw2w.ca

Web site: http://fibromyalgia.ncf.ca

Privacy Policy: Fibromyalgia Support - Ottawa West works to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality and integrity of your personal information.
We do not sell, share, nor distribute your information in any way.

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